Made For Every Adventure

October 12, 2017

Made For Every Adventure

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The Hood Mountain Lodge Henley Long Sleeve by Columbia is made for every adventure.  It's durable, soft, comfy, and made with Elastane for an added bit of stretch.  This cool weather staple packs all of these features with a stylish, button down design.  This shirt is multi-purpose and perfect for so many types of travel.

Multi-purpose is key when I travel (especially for longer trips) and in daily life in general (if we’re being honest).  If you are a light packer and have an aversion to deciding what to wear like me,  you will never regret spending the money to get something like this shirt.  Owning a shirt that I can wear in practically any occasion while traveling or vacationing from laid back settings (such as sitting in a cafe, to hanging out in a hostel, wandering around a new city or even sleeping) to more active and exercise oriented activities (hiking, biking or going for a run) is extremely convenient.  

I first became obsessed with this idea of multi-purpose apparel when I was researching what to pack for our 8 month jaunt around South America and Europe and I came across a long sleeved shirt from Marmot.  Little did I know, this shirt would practically become my best friend (and still is to this day).  Comfortable, simple, reversible, and durable I wore this shirt religiously for 8 months in every country and in multiple settings. 

I strenuously hiked for 3 days in the Andes: 

Hiking in the Paramo of the Andes in Colombia

About a week later wore it exploring the city of Bogota: 

Walking around the old brick streets of Bogota, Colombia

And it was even appropriate to wear snarfing down strudel at a restaurant in Budapest:
Eating desert in Budapest

Therefore, when I laid eyes on this Hood Mountain Lodge Henley Long Sleeve shirt, I knew I had to be mine.  In the few weeks that I’ve owned it I’ve already worn it to work, dinner at a restaurant, and hiking in Colorado.  I already have plans to wear it skiing this winter, at a lodge weekend with some friends here in Colorado, and probably on Christmas.  It’s the kind of shirt that looks great with a scarf and jeans and then also looks great with a mountain back drop.  It’s comfortable, breathable, and has a great outdoor, sporty design.  

Save yourself the headache of putting together a dozen outfits for your trip and bringing too much stuff by purchasing yourself the gift that keeps on giving.. a multi-purpose shirt! Interested?  Click here to view and purchase! 

Hiking in the foothills of Colorado, wearing our Hood Mountain Lodge Henley

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