Stop Scrolling, Start Travelling

March 21, 2018

Stop Scrolling, Start Travelling

You pick up your phone to kill some time and start scrolling your feed.  Couple of likes here, maybe a comment there.  Do you ever start to notice that your feed is almost entirely travel pics?  Somehow, most of the accounts you now follow post incredible travel pictures from around the world?  Us too.  It becomes a way for us to daydream about places we want to visit.  A way to imagine ourselves on some awesome adventure.  But, that daydream hardly ever turns into reality.  We always tell ourselves, “someday”.  Someday I’ll visit the pyramids of Giza.  Someday I’ll lounge on the beaches of Brazil.  Someday I’ll enjoy sushi in Japan.  And on and on it goes as we scroll through our feed each day.  Someday.

It’s time to put down your phone and turn that travel daydreaming into action.

You and us, together.  Let’s Stop Scrolling and Start Traveling.  Here at Traveling Tranquilo, we would love for nothing more than to help you live out some sort of travel dream.  No matter how big or small, near or far.  We want to see you become that person you see in your feed every day (just not the fakers posting for likes).

But, transitioning from scrolling your feed, to “Yes, I want to travel” all the way to the day you leave requires a ton of effort, research, and planning.  We get it, we’ve been there too.  That’s where we come in.  We have a great travel gear solution to get you started - our No Borders Bundle.  It’s a complete set of travel gear equipped with all the essentials.  We have personally tested every piece in this Bundle and are confident, no matter where you travel to, it will get you there.  We hope that having our Bundle in hand provides the basics and the foundation needed to propel you into finalizing the rest your travel plans.

And no, we don’t have every single resource you will need.  But, we are standing by, waiting to personally help you in any way possible.  Between Christie and myself, we have accumulated an extensive amount of travel knowledge that we are willing to share.  All you have to do is ask!  And if we don’t personally know the answer, we will reach out to other travelers in our network to get their opinion.  Seriously, anything you need.

Let’s get you started on the path to living your travel dreams.  Let’s make your “someday” a reality.  Together, lets Stop Scrolling and Start Traveling.

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