What is Tranquilo? Part 5: Adventure!

January 24, 2018

What is Tranquilo? Part 5: Adventure!

This is the fifth part in our mini-series ‘What is Tranquilo?’ where we try to explain what Tranquilo means to us, beyond its literal translation and definition. For more background info, check out our previous posts on ‘What is Tranquilo?’.

Anybody who is drawn to traveling, has an adventurous spirit. Planning to leave home with dreams of a foreign destination, seeking out something new, different, or challenging, isn’t for everyone. But, that sense of adventure is something I’m strongly drawn to and is a big part of ‘My Tranquilo’.

This attraction to adventure begins in dreaming up and planning for a trip. Few things get me as excited as researching where I’m going, what I can do there, looking at pictures on Instagram, and figuring out all the new experiences to look forward to. And yet, no matter how much I research and plan, living out the actual adventure is always so much different. When planning a trip that will push you out of your comfort zone, research from behind a computer screen can’t prepare you for everything. And that’s what I love so much about it.

Don’t get me wrong, its not always easy or enjoyable experiencing something new for the first time. Sometimes, its not until after the fact, when you have a chance to reflect, does the learning and growth from the experience happen. When Christie and I first arrived to our hotel room in Kathmandu, Nepal for our 2 month volunteer project, we laid down and the weight of our situation hit us all at once. Part exhaustion, part culture shock, part questioning our intentions, but mostly the discomfort from being so far outside of our little safety bubble; we had a tough time the first few days. But, at the end of the trip, and even looking back on it nearly 10 years later, I wouldn’t have done one thing differently. That 2 month adventure taught me more valuable lessons about myself and the world in which I live, than the previous 4 years in college did.

Each subsequent adventure had a similar underlying purpose of seeking out an adventure by pushing me out of my comfort zone. For our honeymoon we did a 4 day hike to Macchu Picchu, having never hiked or been at elevation before. It was tough, but so incredibly worth it. We took a trip to Panama, in search of the most pristine beach we could find. We found it, in an area self-governed by the native Kuna people. But getting there involved a gut wrenching car and boat ride, and an extended stay in an area with no running water. But, the beauty of the sand and ocean coupled with the pure tranquility of those islands is something I had never experienced before, and something I won’t ever forget. I have so many more of these stories, and I’m sure as you read along many of your own adventure related memories come to mind.

While we all have our own personalized reasons for traveling, the spirit of adventure is something that binds us all together. By following that thrill of adventure, you push your comfort zone, you have new experiences, you may even do something that scares you. And that’s where you grow as a person, where you learn, where you gain new perspectives, and where you make memories that last a lifetime. That’s living, and its part of My Tranquilo. What’s yours?

Boudhanath Stupa in Kathmandu, Nepal

Our 2 month trip to Nepal

Hiking the Quilotoa Loop in Ecuador

Hiking the Quilotoa Loop in Ecuador

Machu Picchu Peru

Our 4 day hike to Machu Picchu, Peru

Skyline View of Medellin, Colombia

Our 1 month stay in Medellin, Colombia

Elqui Valley in Chile

Our road trip through the Elqui Valley in Chile

Rainforest in Yasuni National Park in Ecuador

Our adventure into the heart of the rainforest in Yasuni National Park Ecuador

Bajerovce Slovakia

Our visit to distant relatives in Bajerovce, Slovakia


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