Our electronic devices are such an important part of our daily lives - our computers, tablets, phones, cameras, Kindles. Unless you are going to a silent yoga retreat, you need these devices to stay charged up abroad, the same as they do at home. But, travel introduces different circumstances that might catch us off guard. Outlets aren't always readily available, different countries have different outlets, and we often need to go longer between charges than we are used to.

The No Borders Bundle includes an outlet adapter, portable battery, and icon-based phone case to stay connected while traveling. The OREI M8 allows you to plug into outlets in different countries, the Jackery Giant gives you portable recharging power, and the ICONSPEAK helps you break down language barriers. By including each in the No Borders Bundle, you can travel with confidence, knowing that you can stay connected as much, or as little, as you want.

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OREI M8 Outlet Adapter

This adapter makes it possible for you to plug your devices into electrical outlets in different countries. Each country has a different outlet type, so your plugs from home won't necessarily fit. We included the M8 in the No Borders Bundle, as it is compatible with outlets in over 150 countries thanks to its innovative spring loaded design. This design allows 4 different outlet adapters to neatly fit inside this 1 device, giving you so many charging options in a incredibly compact design. Equipped with 2 additional USB charging ports, you can charge multiple devices at once.

Jackery Giant Portable Power Pack

The only thing Giant about this power pack is the amount of charge it holds. The Jackery was included for when you need to recharge and an outlet is not available. This happens often when traveling. From long flights, train rides, or even a full day of exploring - you might not have an outlet handy to recharge when you need it. It's small size means you can take it anywhere, just drop it in your Matador backpack, and never worry about your battery life again. Even thought it's as small as a deck of cards, it's still able to recharge most phones multiple times. Plus it has two outputs, so you can charge 2 devices at once. Or, share one with a traveler in need, who didn't bring their Jackery along with them.


This phone case from ICONSPEAK helps you stay connected in a different way - by breaking down language barriers. You might be traveling to a place where you don't know the local language. In fact - we hope you do, as being out of your comfort zone makes for the best experience. With a well thought out collection of 30 internationally recognizable icons on the back of the case, be able to communicate a basic message to anyone, anywhere. Need the bathroom, just point to the no-nonsense icon. Or looking for Wi-Fi so you can stay connected, there's an icon for that too. We included this phone case to protect your phone, to give you the ability to communicate a basic message to someone no matter where you travel, and because it looks cool too!

No Borders Bundle

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