Organization is a key part of the No Borders Bundle because when everything has a place, more time can be spent enjoying your travels. And helping you squeezing more out of your travel experience is our mission! No more time wasted emptying your suitcase trying to find that one thing you need. And, who wants to repack after all your stuff is strewn about the room? Not us. By staying organized, you find what you need, and get on with your travels.

We chose to include the Nomatic Travel Bag as part of our Bundle because it's an organizer's dream. There is a pocket and place for everything while traveling. And, packing cubes were a non-negotiable when designing the Bundle because they force you to organize your clothes. Plus, the 3-Piece Cube Set from Standard Luggage fits perfectly inside the Nomatic Travel Bag, so you make the best use of limited space.

Nomatic Travel Bag

This bag is built with organization in mind. It has well designed and cleverly placed pockets for everything you could possibly need while traveling. Sometimes, we don't even use every available pocket on each trip - just depends.

For starters, there is a great sized shoe bag located on the bottom. This self-enclosed bag keeps your nasty shoes separate from all your clean clothes. The bag is big enough to fit men's size 12 shoes. Tip: since the shoe bag juts into the inside space of the main compartment, pack your smallest shoes. So, I always wear my tennis shoes, and then pack my smaller slips-ons, which take up very little room.

For your computer or tablet, there is a separate, padded sleeve made just for them. We are able to fit our 15 inch laptop in there, no sweat.

On each side of the bag, there are more organization pockets. On one side are pockets for journals or books. On the other is a pocket for valuables (locks included), and a well designed cord management system.

On the top, there are 3 more compartments. The first is a quick grab pocket - think phone, wallet, boarding pass - perfect for valuables you need to quickly access. The second is a self contained, waterproof pocket made for water bottles. We love that it buries the bottle within the bag, instead of hanging on the outside. The last is a compartment for a jacket, or socks and underwear. We prefer packing cubes, but it works well in a pinch!

All of those organizational features - all within one bag. That's why we chose the Nomatic Travel Bag to be the cornerstone of our No Borders Bundle.

Nomatic Travel Bag Features List

3-Piece Packing Cube Set

We swear by packing cubes, and won't leave home without them. They are essential for organizing your clothes and your luggage. By keeping your clothes contained in each cube, packing and unpacking is easy. Step 1: put clothes into a cube. Step 2: put cube into travel bag. See, simple! When packing, you can switch up what you put in each cube. Put an entire day or two worth of clothes in each cube, or put shirts in one, socks and underwear in another, or all of your nice clothes in one - however best suits you and your travel plans. When you arrive at your destination, just pull the cubes out of the bag - unpacking complete. And, since you can see inside each cube, you know where everything is. Now you can easily find what you need and get on with traveling! And the best part, each cube is made with a durable loop-hook, so that you can actually hang them on a hanger in a closet, out of sight and out of the way.

This 3-Cube set fits perfectly inside the Nomatic Travel Bag, with room to spare. The extra room can be used for shoes, jackets, or toiletries. By fitting so nicely into your travel bag, you are making the best use of space. This means you can fit as much as possible inside, utilizing every square inch. Plus, using cubes provides order and structure to the main compartment.

The ability to organize, hang in the closet, and fit perfectly inside the Nomatic Travel Bag made the packing cube set from Standard Luggage an easy choice for our No Borders Bundle.

Standard Luggage Packing Cube Set
Standard Luggage Packing Cube Set
Standard Luggage Packing Cube Set

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