Our Story

Traveling Tranquilo was started by myself, Dan Horvath, and my wife Christie Koness as a way to bring our love of travel to others.  Travel means something different to each person, and our sole purpose is to help you explore, connect, and experience 'Traveling Tranquilo'.

Taking a step back for a minute, how did we get here?  Where is this love of travel and adventure rooted?  For Christie, it started back during her college years, when she studied abroad in Salamanca, Spain.  If you ask her, Christie will always say she felt a strong pull to travel, even before this study abroad experience.  When this natural, deep seeded desire finally came to fruition, it awoke a fire of passion, and she never looked back.  And more importantly, she roped me into her love of travel as well.

This extension of her passion for travel onto myself became a reality when we took our first trip together.  An even bigger deal, it was my first real experience abroad.  We decided to spend two months in Nepal, volunteering in an orphanage right after we graduated from college. This experience was the most trying, yet most rewarding experience I've ever had.  It was a 'slap in the face' type of culture shock, as I've grown up in middle-class America my whole life, and then I spent two months in the 199th out of 230 poorest countries in the world.  Seeing the day to day poverty, connecting with kids who have nothing, and living a life so out of my comfort zone was extremely challenging and eye opening.  Being met with a blunt reality shift like that is life changing.  But, because it was so trying, I grew in so many different ways, which is why I cherish that first experience and got hooked on travel myself.

From that point forwards, Christie and I made it our shared purpose to get out and see as much of the world as we possibly could.  We took trips to Panama, France, Vietnam, honeymooned in Peru, and then committed full time to travel by leaving our jobs and traveling for 9 months through South America and Europe.  There are too many experiences and lessons to share on an 'About Us' page from all of these adventures, but Christie kept an awesome blog to document everything we did.  You should check it out!

From all of this travel and adventure, I've learned so many important and valuable life lessons.  But the one I keep coming back to is this: travel, no matter the individual meaning, opens you up to connect with yourself and the world around you in a way much different from daily life.  It's this ideal that I strive for, it's what keeps me wanting to experience and connect with as many places as possible in this lifetime.  It's what drove me to create Traveling Tranquilo, an effort to share this passion and ideal with others, in the hopes that I can help others experience the true meaning of travel.

Join us to see how to prepare and pack - you can experience your travel ideal too. It's waiting for you.