Packing Cubes: Think Inside the Box

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When you travel and finally arrive to your room, do you suffer from sloppy suitcase? That one shirt you wanted to wear somehow found its way to the very bottom corner of your bag, but you searched every other corner first, and now your suitcase and everything you so carefully packed has exploded all over into complete disarray? Causing this small carry-on bag and its contents to somehow take up a whole corner of your room. The next day, you pick up a shirt from this corner, is it clean or dirty? Guess it’s time for the smell test. I find myself in that position far too often, and wonder why did I bring so much STUFF?

There must be a better way. Enter: packing cubes, a must have for every traveler. I’m serious. It doesn’t matter if this is your first trip ever, or if you are a seasoned globe-trotter, packing cubes are as essential as your passport and the only way to prevent sloppy suitcase. Still unsure? Try out a free set of packing cubes on us, details to enter the giveaway are below our long-winded explanation of why packing cubes rock.

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What are packing cubes?

Think about the last time you moved, or helped a friend move. When you move, you pack everything into boxes, and then put those boxes into a truck. Think of moving as traveling, boxes as packing cubes, and the truck as your suitcase. Packing cubes are small fabric storage containers that you can pack your clothes, accessories, electronics (anything really!) inside of, which you then pack in your suitcase. Most times, packing cubes are squarish, come in a set with multiple sizes, are fabric, and zipper open and closed.

OK, so why do I need them?

Packing cubes effectively compartmentalize and organize that vast open space of your suitcase. Using packing cubes keeps even the messiest of us organized, makes packing and unpacking a breeze, and can even help you pack more into the same space.

packing cube set stacked

Organization – Packing cubes provide order to the mayhem that is filling the inside of your suitcase. Most luggage provides no option for packing other than shoving everything in and zipping the lid closed. Using packing cubes is like adding dresser draws to your suitcase. You could put socks and underwear in one cube, shirts in another, and pants in another. Or you could organize by the day, put one days’ worth of clothes in each cube. With different sized cubes, you can mix and match how you pack to best suit your travel needs.

Pack and Unpack – Once your cubes are organized with everything you need, simply pack them in your luggage. Then once you arrive, unpacking is quick and easy. Grab that one cube with today’s set of clothes. Or pull out that one cube with the shirt you want to wear. No more digging to the bottom of your bag to find that other sock – all your socks are in the same cube. No more sloppy suitcase all over the corner of your room. All your belongings are safely contained with your cubes. Then packing up to leave is easy because your luggage didn’t explode everywhere. Just throw your cubes back in, and be on your way!

Fit more Stuff – We find that most cubes allow you to pack more efficiently. By tightly rolling up your clothes, placing them in a cube, and zipping it shut keeps most items packed as compactly as possible. Which allows you to make the best use of precious luggage space. And, some cubes even offer the ability to compress the contents. So, you pack each cube, zip it up, then zip the secondary compression zipper which forces out air and now your cube takes up even less space.

Must. Have. Packing Cubes! Where do I get them?

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