Total Travel System

In creating our No Borders Bundle, our goal was to provide you something that was more than just luggage. You can buy luggage anywhere. We wanted to do better. So, we created what we call a Total Travel System. It's a complete set of quality products, with an ability to take you nearly anywhere. A better choice in travel gear. 

To create a Total Travel System, we broke the purpose of travel gear into 3 main functions: Transport, Organize, Connect. We evaluated all sorts of luggage and travel accessories to see which ones fit best in each category. Then, once each category was covered, we made sure each piece worked well with the other items in the Bundle. Through this process we assembled a baseline set of travel gear, or what we call a Total Travel System.

The benefit of such a system is this - its the one thing you need to buy. Instead of a long list of items to research, review, and purchase - we've done all of that for you. Plus, everything included is has been thoroughly tested by us, and is backed by our lifetime guarantee. One set of high-quality gear, one purchase, one Bundle, no limits to where you can go. 

Now you can travel with confidence, because you know that you have the gear you need for a great trip abroad. When you travel with confidence, you can focus on your experience, and not your stuff. That's our mission - that's why we created the No Borders Bundle. 

 Select a category below to learn how it helped shaped our No Borders Bundle:

Total Travel System - Transport
Total Travel System - Organize
Total Travel System - Connect