Traveling Tranquilo?

What does that even mean?

I'm glad you asked!

Tranquilo is a Spanish phrase I picked up while traveling through South America.  It's meanings were numerous, but essentially it means take it easy, everything is fine, relax and enjoy life.  This meaning resonated so much with me while Traveling, that when brainstorming what to name this website, Traveling Tranquilo seemed a natural fit.

But, Traveling Tranquilo is more than our name, it's bigger than a brand, and means more than it's translation from Spanish to English. 

Traveling Tranquilo is that moment you tap into something meaningful during your travels.  It’s so difficult to define because each person will experience this in different ways, and you will even experience it differently on each of your adventures.

Traveling Tranquilo happens when you reach an elevated state, beyond what you traditionally experience in your day to day life.  You reach this state because traveling is like living out a personal dream.  You save, research, plan, and use precious vacation days to put yourself somewhere that isn’t home.  And when everything around you is new and different, it is easier to experience moments in a more meaningful way.  Your day-to-day filters and habits fade away, allowing you to see the here and now for what it truly is.

Once you are fully present in the current moment, you become immersed in your version of ‘Traveling Tranquilo’.  It’s that feeling you get walking around the Colosseum in Rome. The excitement from exploring the streets of a new city.  A sense of joy from watching animals graze on a safari in the great plains of Africa.  The peacefulness of listening to the waves roll in on a white sand beach.  The thrill of trekking through the Andes on your way to Macchu Picchu.  The list could go on forever.  But, the one thing they all have in common is experiencing the current moment in a meaningful way.  A place where your physical journey collides with the feeling of living your travel dreams. A time when you experience the true spirit of travel.

That is Traveling Tranquilo.  And it’s our mission to help everyone experience it. Will you Travel Tranquilo with us?

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