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Researched. Tested. Proven.  Credit to the team at Nomatic for designing and building the most functional travel bag out there.  The Nomatic Travel bag has been our go-to bag, and has exceeded all our expectations.  It's even waterproof! The Travel Bag is large enough for extended trips, yet compact enough to be carry-on approved.  Able to function as both a backpack and duffel thanks to the innovative strap design, this bag adapts to your style.  With the Nomatic Travel Bag by your side, every destination is within reach.

Each bag purchase comes with waist straps, and a laundry bag as show in the product pictures.

The Travel Bag is now part of our No Borders Bundle, read more below!


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The Nomatic Travel Bag is designed to comfortably pack for a week long trip.  In our opinion that is the perfect size, because if your trip is longer, you should plan on doing laundry so you don't over pack.  The actual dimensions of the bag, in inches, are 21 x 14 x 9.  This size is within nearly all of the domestic and international carry on restrictions.  However, these sizes are constantly changing, and we recommend checking out your airline's exact specifications before flying. 

Nomatic Travel Bag DimensionsTraveling Tranquilo Bundle On the Go

Main Compartment

Access to the main compartment is through a flap that fully unzips, which opens the bag up to pack like a suitcase instead of a backpack.  The flap, once unzipped, contains a sleeve for both your laptop and tablet.  As this flap sits against your back when wearing as a backpack, you can rest assured that your valuable electronics are securely stowed at all times.  Inside the main compartment is a roomy area for a weeks worth of clothes and accessories.  The space of this main compartment is best utilized with packing cubes, which are included in our new No Borders Bundle.  If some of the other functional compartments are used, they can take away some of the room from this main compartment, see diagram below.  

Nomatic Main Compartment Packing DiagramNomatic Travel Bag Laptop and Tablet Sleeve

Strap and Carry System

One of the most innovative features on this bag is the duffel to backpack strap system.  The best way to see this in action is to watch the demo video above.  This system allows the travel bag to be carried as a duffel, or a backpack, by only pulling on the straps in different places.  When in backpack mode, there is a sternum strap, and included hip belts to help evenly distribute the load.  At Traveling Tranquilo, we prefer wearing in backpack mode, as we would rather be hands free while moving about with our luggage, and a weeks worth of stuff can become a bit heavy to carry as a duffel.  There are also handles on the top and bottom of the bag, allowing many different ways to carry your Travel Bag!

How to carry the Nomatic Travel Bag as a duffelHandle on top of the Nomatic Travel Bag

The Nomatic Travel Bag can be used as a duffel or a backpack

Functional Compartments

What makes the Nomatic Travel Bag so unique is all of the different built-in functional compartments, begging to keep you organized. 

  • On top, there is a water bottle pouch which is lined with waterproof material to keep all your valuables dry.  It's big enough to fit a 32 oz. Nalgene bottle, and we love that it buries the bottle inside the bag, versus it hanging off the side.
  • The bag comes with a built in compartment on the top which is made to store socks and underwear.  It is accessed through the top, and once filled, creates separate pouch within the main compartment.  We prefer to use packing cubes, but this works great in a pinch!
  • Also on the top, there is small pouch to store items that need to be easily reached.  We like storing our phone, passport, and boarding passes here.
  • The bottom of the bag has a compartment for shoes, which keeps your footwear completely separated from the rest of your clothes.  We are able to comfortably fit a pair of size 11 men's shoes inside, along with a pair of flip flops.  My wife was able to fit a pair of wedges, sandals, and tennis shoes in there!
  • One side of the bag has an integrated electronics organization sleeve.  Keep all of you electronic cords neatly tucked away and untangled
  • The other side of the bag has a sleeve for a journal, or other similar sized notebook.  We like to safely stash our Kindle here.

Shoe compartment on the bottom of the Travel BagCord management sleeve on the side of the Travel BagSeparate compartment for your water bottleTop compartment for socks and underwear

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